My childhood along with chocolate chip cookie

From the second we wake up from bed, turn tired and rest ourselves in play areas are the days, love for chocolate chip cookies begins. We tear ourselves down to earning a small piece of cookie from our mother. They are good for your soul and it connects with your neighbors and transforms them as friends.

Chocolate chip cookies

There is no reason to have a cookie. If you desire for reasons, here are few

  • Packing an ice cream and a piece of cake for school lunch is not possible. Cookies are easy to take away with perfect taste
  • If you ever have a bad day, buy a cookie box. Each cookie in the box makes you smile with their shapes. The design of cookies makes you smile

Cookie replaces dessert during lunch hours. It allows you to make a friend of life. I remember the days when I complete my work much carefully without mistakes. Just to receive a chocolate cookie as a token of a gift for the successful completion of homework. It is the best thing happened ever in everyone’s life. Our mother or father usually does the baking and the little us longing for the single long bite brings nostalgic areas of our childhood. Whenever we hold the cookie in hand, we tend to recollect lots of memories from our childhood, days with friends in the cafeteria /at home and much more. Our smile widens unknowingly. Best Chocolate chip cookies are the fine soft and flavored. That is the most attracted dessert chosen by all age groups.

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