Data Analytics Platform for next generation with advanced search

Data Analytics Platform for next generation with advanced search

Many platforms are available nowadays for helping business in finance and operations. Icit is a business intelligence platform for planning, forecasting and reporting business solutions by software, consultancy, training and support. It provides support to the users with the help of highly advanced   search engines. They help us a lot in many aspects in normal to advanced search. In data analytics we need an advanced and fast search engine to meet the company’s requirements. It can be easily implemented by thoughtspot that makes analytics easily accessible for everyone by the power of search and their artificial intelligence. It is a new breed of search engine that instantly calculates answers and brings you best visualization for your search.  It is easy to use of everyone with zero training and to build reports and to analyze their company data. It makes everyone to find their companies hidden data in seconds. This simple, smart and fast search engine delivers insight to the users.  You can achieve your   goal by implementing with a dedicated team and expertise control.

 World’s first relational search engine

It is the world’s first advanced search engine for data analytics by the power of artificial intelligence. It      offers competitive compensation and stock options without compromising their vibrant energy to in build a mutual understanding. Most successful companies use this search engine by its powerful and simple to use technology. The mission of the team of workers is that is aimed to solve hard problems with empathy and humility. Selfless excellence is the culture used here which in turn puts the company and the team ahead of oneself. Maximum sources with minimum modeling make this as a nationwide building society.

thoughtspotComfort of designing any data experience

By embedding search and AI delivers answers to all the questions. It becomes easy to design, develop and launch data product with a fully customizable look. With its world class analytics architecture it stands the best among everyone. By brining business people and analysts close together more answers are available from the data experts directly. Expanded features for the comfort of your mobile and additional enhancements make it more powerful and adaptable. Volume based pricing trend is used which saves your money. You can get easy and guided experience within the search. Automatic and best fit chart creations and one click sharing of pin boards make this as a perfect analyst.

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