Online shopping: the convenient and ideal solution for those with limited time

Online shopping: the convenient and ideal solution for those with limited time

Fresh fish is certainly not an unlimited product, it must be fished! Usually the fish market has fixed days (Tuesdays and Fridays). Check in the terms of service how much and in what advance you can order, and how long it will take to deliver it to you fresh fish delivery singapore.

Availability and delivery times&Minimum order

Like all delivery services, there is a minimum order. Evaluate if it is appropriate for you, or if it is too high.

Service costs

The cost of the service usually consists of the cost of delivery; some do not charge for larger orders. Other service costs may be those related to the preparation and cleaning of the fish (which some include in the final price).

Areas served

Like all deliveries, even the online sale of fresh fish provides coverage areas for delivery. Not all of them get everywhere!

Fresh fish from the fisherman? There are those who organize themselves in the name of sustainability

Last spring, in full lockdown, when it was possible to go out only for reasons of extreme necessity, health and work, shopping had become a mission. Not impossible, but certainly tiring. Then the merchants got organized, the online shopping apps got updated, the social networks became a showcase for the merchants. And those who had never retailed or viewed the consumer as a residual buyer began to change their minds. Many originally organized themselves in the hope that consumers could save what can be saved. And this has happened in many product sectors, starting with the fish sector which experienced the collapse of requests from restaurants.