Learn about the curtain hanging suggestions here

Hanging curtains can be a pretty simple task if you do some important planning ahead of time. Here are a few points to help you get the results you desire in budget curtains singapore:

Consider the opacity of the material. It’s a good idea to consider if you want drapes that completely block out all outdoor light in a room as with blackout curtains or simply portion of it.

Take your time while deciding where to put the rods. For the ordinary DIY designer, rod placement can be the most difficult component of hanging curtains. The rod must be level, plumb, and at the correct height for your curtain to cover the top of the window. Certain curtain patterns can alter the required rod installation height.

A curtain with a rod pocket requires less installation than a curtain that will hang from curtain rings. Even an inch off can cause a gap that allows light to enter the room above the panels.

Ensure that the cloth drapes properly. Although there are various types and styles of curtains, the budget curtains Singapore length and breadth should appropriately cover every side of your window. When measuring, keep in mind that you will need enough extra fabric to allow for some gathering. Long curtains should be longer than the trim but not drag on the floor. Purchasing curtains that are too thin or too short can be a tedious and expensive.

For roman shades, precise measurements are required. You can match the inside measurements of the trim for curtains that hang inside the window trim in pleat folds.