Asian cuisine for beginners: 3 very easy oriental recipes

Asian cuisine usually brings an air of exoticism! If you want to learn to cook Asian food, you’re at the correct place then. There are easy recipes to prepare at home to surprise your guests or give yourself the whim of eating something different and healthy. Let the essences of the East flood your kitchen and your palate with the ideas we offer you to enjoy the secrets of this millenary cuisine.

  1. Asian Wok for beginners

Very popular nowadays, the wok is perfectly suitable for you to prepare it at home with the classic ingredients or daring to innovate. You can make it with vegetables, meat (chicken, pork, veal), prawns, rice … It is important that you use a good wok-type pan and fresh products to ensure a tasty result. Use olive oil, a suitable point of salt and do not forget your soy sauce!

cook Asian food

  1. Chicken with rice and bean sprouts

Totally simple and healthy. You just have to sauté a chicken breast proceded in a pan with a little olive oil while you cook the rice. When the chicken begins to brown, add the finely chopped soy, carrot, pepper and onion sprouts. Pour the soy sauce and add the rice, salt, pepper and some other spice you like and stir well until it reaches its point. If you dare, some cashews will not hurt either!

  1. Japanese cucumber salad

Light and fresh, this salad can be very delicious and is a great starter for any season. The thin slices of cucumber perfectly complement the roasted sesame seeds. Make the dressing with rice vinegar, sugar and salt and mix well. Ready in a few minutes!

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