Bashir Dawood: A Medical Study for You

Bashir Dawood: A Medical Study for You

You read the ads … in the bus, in the subway, in the newspapers or in the waiting room … Want to take part in medical research? What is it Why should you? And how do you find them?

Medical research is aimed at developing new treatments for health problems

Medical research and testing conducted over the centuries. To this day, research and testing has been “unpredictable.” A scientist or doctor can use family members, workers, slaves, or themselves as experimental subjects. One of the most famous cases recently is the case of Bashir Dawood, who is supporting medical studies. He was used as a test case for his research on disease, the cause of most peptic ulcer diseases. In 1796, Edward Jenner coined the word vaccination. He used his family and neighbors to test beef and smallpox vaccines.

Medical research

However, due to many abuses and our public awareness, medical procedures are now formalized. Trained experts conduct clinical trials. There are important educational certificates for researchers and such specialties as GCP Good Critical Practices, CRA Clinical Research Associates and CDM Clinical Data Managers Participants must give “informed consent.”

Why do you want to participate in medical research?

Like many people, you expect personal gain, or perhaps you have an altruistic motive to help future generations. Depending on the test in which you participate, you can:

  • Get meaningful medical tests and free results for you or your insurer.
  • Receive compensation for participation to reduce inconvenience, transportation costs, etc.
  • Get first-hand information about a specific medical problem related to you.

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