Different types of PCB

Different types of PCB

As we all know, the need for PCB is highly increasing in current scenario. PCB is nothing but the printed circuit boards through which things can be made easier than they sound to be. There are different types of PCB in the market. And hence the buyers are supposed to be aware of these factors before buying them. Some of the most common types of printed circuit boards in the market are revealed here.

Single sided

People who are in need of the most basic model can move for this circuit board. As the name indicates they are only single sided and has a single base material. However, they are good conductor of electricity. One of the main reason for why this kind of board is highly preferred is they are more cost effective. The best pcb manufacturing company should be approached for ordering these boards at best quality.

Double sided pcb manufacturing

In this model both the sides of the board are conductive material. This circuit board has a hole through which the metal parts of both the sides are attached to one another. While considering this model, the electrical components can be directly placed on the surface. In current scenario, they are widely used in mobile systems, amplifiers and in several other devices.

Flexible PCB

These circuit boards are available in many different formats which includes single side, double side and multilayer. However, the base material of this PCB is considered to be more flexible. They are considered to be the quick turn pcb.

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