Top 3 Best Marketing Platforms According to Experts

Top 3 Best Marketing Platforms According to Experts

Choosing the ideal marketing platform for you can be a bit daunting. Anyway, we love challenges, aren’t we?

Let’s take it this way— it is kinda frustrating when you create a social media marketing campaign and have little to show for it. You may have already spent hundreds or even thousands on your social media marketing campaign. Or even paid for “social media consultants” to help you, and they only made matters worse… especially because they just added to your advertising costs.

Listen… Your problem isn’t always your content or a lack of effort. It could actually be that you’re using the wrong social media platform! So today, let’s hear a thing or two from The Millennial Marketers. 

Where to Focus a Social Media Marketing Campaign

It is best to know where to focus and where to pain attention that way you can figure out what will work, what is working and what is not.

I am saying that there a lot of social media channel you can access, make and use on the internet. But not all of them are quite useful. Remember, everyone is on social media but not everyone is using everything.

So here’s a clue from the millennial marketers: the goal is to only use three channels and focus your success on it.

Let’s check this out!

Top 3 Social Media Channel to Use

There were 3.2 billion social media users as of 2018. That was 13 percent higher than the year before.  With this sort of sustained growth, it’s only a matter of time before the Internet is filled with social media account owners.

That’s why you need to have an effective social media marketing campaign. It puts your brand in the same networks many of your target customers frequent. But first, you need to know which social media channel is effective to use.

Best Marketing Platforms

And now I am giving you the top 3…

  1. Facebook

Who does not know facebook when everyone seems to be actively present on Facebook? All the reason why for you not to miss it!

infact, Facebook is considered as the biggest social media platform. There’s no denying that.

That fact means that it offers potentially the widest reach for most businesses. Most businesses know it too. The 80 million small and medium business pages on Facebook prove it.

That represents a lot of competition. But you can still benefit from joining the bandwagon and making your own business page.

  1. Instagram 

Instagram isn’t just for the OC photographers or ‘grammers’ who posts curated photos. But it is also beneficial for brands like you are.

Basically, Instagram is the one that gets the highest interaction rate. Instagram may also be an ideal platform for businesses that are visually-oriented in their marketing. Art galleries, fashion labels or stores, even photo magazines tend to focus on Instagram.

The platform itself encourages visual marketing. Images and videos are the main media on Instagram — most of the text found in posts are found in the images themselves.

  1. LinkedIn

Linkedin is the home for businesses and brands which is why you should never lose the chance of having an active online presence here. Basically, LinkedIn is where you can find the largest group of thought leaders on LinkedIn. That includes thought leaders on marketing.

That means you can learn a lot just by watching how they work on LinkedIn.

The fact that most of the network’s users are professionals can be useful for a lot of businesses. Look at the way it gives users special targeting options for a social media marketing campaign ad, for example.

For more information, you can go visit the millennial marketers now!