No Face  Find Your Favorite Character in These Products Range

No Face Find Your Favorite Character in These Products Range

With some of the wonderful and fascinating Spirited Away products available, it might be just simple to forget about the basic pleasures to embrace the stuffed edition of your favorite movie character. While it comes about the adorable plush toys by Spirited Away, it is 3 way tie between ultra huggable spirits, No Face, Ootori-sama, and Boh. Just place them in your living area, bedroom, or bathroom (and these spirits are going to love the bath houses), and add a little charm in your house.

Look for the Spirited Away Products Range

Suppose you are new to the washi tape, head over to transform your ordinary household items in oh-so-kawaii type of decorations! Essentially, the washi tape is very much like the masking tape, just sturdier and without any adhesive goo, and making it ideal for all kinds of crafts—scrapbooks, photos, notebooks, folders, and smartphone cases. You can find washi tape at Studio Ghibli based on their franchises, however their washi tape by Spirited Away is very charming, and feature No Face & iconic soot sprites, besides other bath house spirits.Studio Ghibli

Playing Cards by Spirited Away

The playing cards by Spirited Away are the best way you can bring Miyazaki’s creativity in your favorite playing card game. No matter whether you prefer go fish, hearts, solitaire or poker, you will be reminded of the favorite characters and scenes with every draw or discard. So, diversify your playing deck with some magic by Studio Ghibli!

Paper Craft by Spirited Away

The paper art craft is traced back to 6th century AD, and when origami just started circulating. Now, this art form has actually evolved in the hobby and said to relax your mind and stir originality. Lots of Spirited Away craft sets are released, which includes recreations of the iconic scenes (No Face and Chihiro on ocean railway train, but the highly coveted set is 1/150th of paper craft bathhouse. Every set very carefully replicates some fine details of this film, which includes their miniature characters. These are really beautiful and available easily on any Studio Ghibli store online!!

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