How to dress if you are a thin man

How to dress if you are a thin man

Are you a thin man and have doubts in the way you dress? Here are some ideas and suggestions for you to feel good about your look and your image. Read this article completely to know how to dress well if you are a thin man. Click here to know about denim แปลว่า.

Buy according to your body

One of the mistakes that are made most when someone is going to buy clothes and renew their clothes, is only to look at the clothes that one likes or is more fashionable at that time. We do not realize that not all clothes and looks are designed for all people. The same outfit can look very good or very bad depending on whether you are a thin or big man. Visit www amazon de to buy pants.

If you are a thin man, and do not want to show your thinness so much, pay attention to several details. Here are some suggestions with real examples.

No bulky clothes

Avoid excessively wide or bulky items. Most of the time it will have the opposite effect to what you want to achieve. Sometimes it can even give the feeling of ungainly appearance.

Avoid clothes that are too tight

This type of clothing serves to enhance the figure especially mark the thinness so if you are not looking for this goal, you should resort to not-so-tight clothes. Elastic body-tight garments are also ruled out for thin men.

You can use horizontal stripes or frames in your Look. They make your chest and shoulders look wider. Avoid vertical stripes, they will make you look thinner.

One of the most widespread and totally true thing is to avoid dark tones. Lighter colors or white visually expand the figures.

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