Films by Studio Ghibli

Films by Studio Ghibli

There are many films produced under Studio Ghibli. This studio is famous for making animated fantasies. The films have been a huge success and received many awards since the studio was founded in 1985. Films by Studio Ghibli are a big hit because they are made with a right blend of humour, melancholy and whimsy, to appeal its audience of all age group.  Let’s have a look on the top 5 films produced by Studio Ghibli.

  1. Laputa: Castle in the sky- 1986

This film was the first best film to be produced under the banner of Studio Ghibli. This film was about sky pirates and steam powers war machines in Victorian era. This film is an action packed, heavy yet purely an entertainment. This film is all about a young boy and a girl attempting to keep a magic crystal from a group of military, while searching for a legendary floating castle. This film came with stunning characters and mechanical designs.

  1. My Neighbor Totoro- 1988:

After the adventure of Castle in the sky, the director of Studio Ghibli came up a fantastic another animation film- My Neighbor Totoro, a heart-warming film of two young girls and friendly wood spirit. The film was so successful that Studio Ghibli, made one of the film’s character “Totoro”, as its lucky mascot.

  1. Grave of the fireflies-1988:

This film was different production from Totoro. Grave of the fireflies was directed by Studio Ghibli’s another co-founder Isao Takahata. This film is a heart breaking depiction of two children’s struggle for survival in World War II Japan. This movie gave highly dizzyingly designed characters.

  1. KiKi Delivery Service- 1989:

Co-founder of Studio Ghibli, Miyazakicame with this lighter animated film. This film is all about the adventures of a teenage witch with her black cat. This film is not as memorable as the classic Totoro, yet a typical Ghibli character and charm.

  1. Porco Rosso- 1992:

This film indulges Miyazaki’s passion and love towards aircrafts. This film featured a pilot with big pig head and strong female leads. Pigs are common character in Miyazaki’s films.

Like above there are many animated films by the studio. Few made a mark on audience mind, few didn’t work that well, but the aim of films made by Studio ghibli was made to entertain and amaze the audience with awesome animation and story.

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