Advantages of a Manual Weed Grinder

Advantages of a Manual Weed Grinder

Weed grinders, also known as cannabis grinder, come in many different shapes and sizes. You might know about two-piece grinders that have a transparent section for you to see the ground materials inside. However, there are also three-piece grinders with a very different design from their two-piece counterparts and you can click here to visit website


Better Looking

A three-piece weed grinder has a lid that can be fixed onto the other parts. This means that you can have your grinder safely stored away inside the container, with only the lid showing. The lid is usually decorated with marijuana leaves and some other symbols that represent this substance. It also has a magnet in its center that keeps it closed.

Better Quality

This type of cannabis grinder is too expensive when compared to two-piece grinders which tend to be very cheap and available anywhere. But if you are not just grinding weed for fun, but also want to get good quality materials from it, then it might be worth investing in a three-piece weed grinder.

Better Durability

Although two-piece grinders work well for making those small to medium sized chunks, which are perfect for your bongs and pipes, three-piece grinders are much more recommended. These grinders can handle a lot of strain and therefore will last longer than the two-piece ones.  If you want to use your grinder a lot, then it must be of higher quality.


Three-piece grinders are in many cases bigger and stronger than their two-part counterparts because they have all parts that come in contact with the materials inside. This way there is no compromise on size or strength when it comes to grinding cannabis.

Weed Grinder

Grinding Section

This is the area where you put the cannabis that you want to grind. Three piece grinders have a main compartment for your materials and a grinding chamber that is accessible through a sliding screen. This screen is usually made of metal or some other solid material, and it slides back to extract the ground materials out through a small hole in its bottom.

Pollen Catcher

This part of three-piece grinders has an area fitted with fine netting that collects pollen, which comes off your weed while being ground. The pollen will be inside this part of the grinder when it gets fully ground before you empty it out.

Pollen Screen

Most three-piece grinders have a small screen that is over the pollen catcher. This screen is necessary because pollen is very sticky and will otherwise clog your grinder if it wasn’t there. By adding this small screen, you can easily clean all the pollen out of your grinder.


The fact that three-piece grinders can be put inside their own container, which has a lid that keeps it shut, makes them much more storages than two part grinders. This way you can just keep the container near an area where you need to grind weed at some point.