Important Facts About Your Fertile Days

Important Facts About Your Fertile Days

Using a fertility calendar is not a common practice for women. However, if you are planning to conceive, this is one of the advice on conception. This is one of the most effective ways to help you get pregnant or to avoid being pregnant. You should be able to make a fertility calendar and you will surely find this to be very helpful when you want to conceive a baby.

 Setting a fertility calendar, learning how to use it and learning about the most fertile days of the month are the most important things that you should know. You can also find this online. There are even mobile applications that you can download. But if you feel a bit crafty, you can make your own fertility calendar and use it as a keepsake.

The Calendar Method: How to Determine the Ovulation Period

 The first that you have to do is get a calendar that you can use, or the one on your mobile phone will do. Remember that this calendar would help you track the start of your menstrual cycle as well as your ovulation. The menstrual cycle will usually take 28 days or so.

If you are not sure about your menstrual cycle dates, just keep track of the start dates for three or four consecutive months and you will find this very helpful. Then you can take a mean and do an estimate on the average time that each of the cycles lasts.This calendar will help you differentiate your ovulation period which is the last two weeks of the cycle, or the first two weeks before your cycle starts.

What to Consider

Remember that there will be a noticeable drop in your body temperature the day before your ovulation period starts. You can do this by checking your basal body temperature every morning. If you want to get pregnant, have a sexual intercourse on the most fertile days of the month. If you don’t want to conceive, then avoid these days for the meantime. This is according to some helpful  advice on conception.