Tips To Find A Reliable Maid Service In Singapore

Tips To Find A Reliable Maid Service In Singapore

Reliability is the most sort-after quality in the world now. Having just the required talent is not enough to impress employers any longer. You have to be a reliable candidate for the growth of the company as well. Just like this, when you are looking for maids, you will also need to look for a reliable one. Here is how you can find the most reliable maid service in Singapore.

Volume Of Hiring

The number of employees in the maid service is not important. You know your requirements and you know you will find someone that will fulfil all of your requirements through these agencies. But you have to ensure that maids of this agency are hired at a large volume to know if they are reliable. The more the volume of hiring is, the higher reliability they have.

Years Of Experience

Experience counts in every job profile. The more your experience, the merrier it is. The same is for hiring maids as well. They have to know what they are doing and also be good at it. The maid agencies will give you the complete profile of the maids, including their working experience for you to decide.

Retention Rate

Reliability does not come only with experience and the volume of hiring. Another important factor is the retention rate. The maids hired through the reliable maid agency in singapore have to be steady with their job. They should’ve been with the same employer for at least one year. This rate is also shown in the maid’s profile. Ensure you check for a high retention rate, a good one being 33% before hiring.