A New Dawn for the Youths

A New Dawn for the Youths

It has been said not once that the youths are significantly in despair, but it is so unfortunate that no one comes up with strategies to help them out. Thanks to Bashir Dawood, who has once thought about of the youths. And it is why Bashir Dawood should never be taken for granted at all because it made them feel like someone has them in mind.

What is unique about the family of Dawood

Bashir and mariyam dawood took their time and partnered with a youth organization and went out of their way to reach out to the youths who have dropped out of school for various reasons. They significantly sought to hear their stories and what happened before they came to the state they are now. They provided for that day and most importantly listened to them, after which they made and went ahead to support them materially where they could.

mariyam dawood

What the youths are lacking in their lives today

What the teens are looking for desperately is someone who can appreciate them the way they are, one who can see the potential in them and not downplay it in any way and also constant guidance and encouragement.


In essence what the youths are lacking today is the positive take from the parents, government and society at large. What they are getting is affecting them negatively from the surrounding. The figure and mindset in Bashir Dawood are entirely not in community today; that’s why the youths are associated with despair, which is not the case. There is a lot of unused potential in the youth that we need to unleash.

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