The instant loan comparison in just 3 steps

The instant loan comparison in just 3 steps

Generally you will receive numerous offers with just one single calculation.  After entering the loan term, loan amount, intended use and your data, you will receive a non-binding instant confirmation.  Then you conclude the contract this is partly possible fully digitally.

Immediate confirmation

First you enter the desired loan term, same day loans amount and, optionally, a purpose.  You should bear in mind that specifying a purpose may reduce the interest costs, as this enables the bank to better assess the risk.  A shorter repayment term means a shorter but also a higher monthly burden for you in terms of repayment installments.  This of course also reduces the interest costs.

You will then receive the cheapest, non-binding loan offer from over 60 banks anonymously and free of charge.  The effective annual interest rate and the monthly repayment rate of the instant loan are displayed.  In contrast to the borrowing rate, the APR tells you the full cost of the loan.  It is therefore one of the most important comparison criteria for selecting the right credit institution.

Then enter the required personal data: name, address, your marital status, information on your living and income situation, data on existing contracts with banks, etc. You can also name a second borrower (e.g. your partner) what the chances of acceptance by a credit institution.  Usually increased and possibly reduced costs.  You will also be asked if you would like to take out payment protection insurance. try this site to know more.