The magnificent amenities of using vici dial

The magnificent amenities of using vici dial

Are you running the business? Then, this is for you and your business. Just get into this article to know the way to increase the productivity of your business. You should know that customers are the essential part of business that helps to reach your business goals and heights where you like to want to be. So, you need to have the good relationship with your customers and clients in order to build trust on your business and company. Ensuring the problems-free customers service is one of the effective ways to achieve success in your business. Here, using vici dial software will be the gate way of such success in your business. The vicidial is the open source software which used to interact with clients and customers effectively. Sine this is open source system, the user can see that how their system works at the code level and can create the modifications that can implement into their requirements and work flow. So, get installed with this vici dial software in your company to increase the success rate of your business.

Features of vici dial

The effective vici dial customer support software comes with many different features that help people to complete their work properly with the aim of reaching their business goal. To build up the trust on your business you should have good relationship with your customers and that would be easily done by vicidial installation in your company. Here, the features of using this software are listed below.

  • Call handling in outbound, inbound and blended
  • Inbound email handling
  • Administrative interfaces & web- based agents
  • Scheduled call backs for agent only & anyone
  • Ability to use VOIP trunks and telco lines
  • Web configurable voicemail boxes and IVRs
  • Integrated calls recording

These are the amazing features of vici dial customer support software. So, get all those benefits in your business too by getting this software installation.


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