Know About the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service In Calgary, AB

 If a carpet rug contains a large amount of moisture at once, it is not possible to wipe off all the moisture with a cloth. Then moisten the crease of the carpet rug with a mist, and then wipe off the moisture with a dry, unstained cloth to stand on the bristles in the opposite direction of the fur. However, the commercial carpet cleaning service in Calgary, AB has a water-repellent method on carpets and rugs, and the effect of wrinkle stretching is diluted because it repels the moisture of the mist.

Tools used to stretch wrinkles


Do not use a large amount of mist, but use a mist spray while making sure that moisture is gradually absorbed in the area where you want to stretch the wrinkle. Then, please note that you cannot confirm whether you have repaired wrinkles because your hair and feet will get wet, you will sleep, and you will need time to dry in the shade to dry. It is an effective wrinkle stretching method for carpet rugs that do not have a water repellent function .

Use a dryer that is commonly used when drying hair

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While applying warm air from the dryer to the place where you want to stretch the wrinkles, wipe it with a dry, undirtied clean cloth to trim the hair and feet.

For shaggy rugs with long bristles, brushing brushes can help you stand up nicely while stretching wrinkles. Conversely, carpet rugs with stiff legs and short legs will reduce the effect of wrinkle stretching. Warming the surface of a carpet rug with a hair dryer that is hard and short will make it easier for the bristles to stand up, but brushing can cause the brush to become entangled in the bristles.

For carpet rugs

For carpet rugs with stiff bristles and short legs, you can expect the effect of wrinkle stretching by using a rubber brush instead of a hard plastic brush. If you’re a household that changes carpets and rugs seasonally, it’s not uncommon for these stubborn wrinkles to remain on the carpets and rugs when stored .Some people may try to stretch out wrinkles with an industrial heat gun instead of a dryer, but heat guns can damage carpet rugs because they get so hot.