Find the way to steam pipe leak repair

Find the way to steam pipe leak repair

Many developed countries have steam main installations. These mains are useful for the condensates produced by any turbine or engine; machines producing steam, gas etc. This installation consists of a main and is distributed into pipes which are made of materials like metal with copper tubing. Then the pipes go to a boiler which is connected to a cylinder through steam chests. All of this is based on the function of district heating system. Sometimes there are some fails in the system resulting in pipe leakage. It is very dangerous as the steam can burn us. The most common of which is the affect on eyes that get blurred out too and you can lose your eyesight. So here is what can help with steam pipe leak repair.

pipe coring

Hot tap:

It serves the purpose of installing an under-pressured drilling machine which provides the pipeline a branch, off from the existing main pipeline through a coring process. The coring is done over the current operating pipe without any kind of interruption to the system and the flow of medium (steam).


  • Comes in varieties of stainless steel, cast iron, galvanised steel, ductile iron and carbon steel.
  • Maximum operation pressure is 1,440 psi.
  • Pipe medium is water, steam, oil based solvent, wastewater, fuel and gas.
  • Pipe diameter is up to 48 inches.
  • Maximum operating temperature is of 300 degrees Celsius.


  • Downstream interruption is very well avoided.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It branches off a new pipeline without affecting the main operating system.
  • There are no disruptions to system operation.
  • It is convenient as it doesn’t require draining of entire pipeline for branching off.

Hot tap is best for a pipeline stoppage. Even the plug head is mechanical or inflatable to be inserted. It is the best method of steam pipe leak repair till date.

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