Brand New Does Not Mean Better, Why Used Cars Are Actually Advantageous

Brand New Does Not Mean Better, Why Used Cars Are Actually Advantageous

If you are in the market for a car, some of your friends might have suggested ditching the brand new route and instead, going for a top tier, or luxury car. You will soon discover that many used luxury vehicles will be available for the same price as a brand new, albeit run of the mill, economy car. First off, run of the mill vs top tier or luxury gives or take about five years older or more on the luxury car. A regular car is a basic roundabout vehicle, it can do everything that you need it to do plus its brand new. Read on below as we take a look at why it may be more of an advantage for you to buy a second hand, but way better luxury car brand. 

A Luxury Car Can Bestow Status

 Aside from having all the bells and whistles, having a luxury car brand is a statement that no regular car will ever have. A Ford Focus really does not have the same presence as an S-Class or a BMW will have. For status alone, many people will choose the luxury car over a regular but brand new car.

Chock Full Of Tech

 A luxury car brand, even if it is five years older, will likely to have the higher tech and more safety features than the regular car even at a brand new condition. They would most likely have park assist, a sunroof, automatic climate control, heated seats, leather and other features that would be standard for the regular car for a long time.

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Available Anywhere

The number of car dealerships that cater to used vehicles has actually been increasing, giving brand new car dealerships a run for their money. When choosing, start locally, if you are in Chicago for example, search for cars for sale in chicago and you will be presented with all the dealerships in that area. Just make sure to practice due diligence when making the selection. 


While it is true that an older car would be harder to maintain, luxury cars parts would be more robust and built to last more than your average car. That being the case, it would still be prudent to obtain a luxury car that has a full history of service record. To avoid getting one wherein you will inherit all the maintenance problems.

Depreciation Value

As you realize, even a five or a 10-year-old luxury car is still worth a brand new regular car right? What this tells you is that in the long run, the person who bought a brand new car would in the future sell it less than the luxury car you purchased at the same time. Simply put, the luxury car will have even more value at resale especially if properly maintained.

Ultimately, it all depends on your comfort level when test driving the car of your choice, Get the vehicle that feels right for you to ensure that you will have no buyers remorse.

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