Kelly Bags have several unique characteristics

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Originally, the Kelly bag was trapezoidal in shape with a handle, which was later embellished with a removable strap that allowed the bag to be carried either by hand or over the shoulder. It has a sturdy leather interior and four studs that are fastened to the bottom, which enable it to be placed on the floor. It is secured with the help of two outside buckles and a padlock. The same artisan must work on the bag for eighteen to twenty-four hours every day to achieve its unsurpassed excellence.

The Kelly is primarily constructed of leather and crocodile, the two primary materials used in its construction. Kellys in great condition or their original colors may sell for several hundred dollars or more. Because of the long period necessary to get a new Kelly, it is not unusual for the auction price to surpass the price of a new Kelly. Unsurprisingly, the Kelly bags that are the most difficult to come by are also the most costly. The large selection of pre-owned hermes bag that they have will make obtaining a pre-owned Hermes much easier. Today, the bag is available in a plethora of colors. It is now available in more than fifty different colors.

To help people who are finally ready to invest in a Hermès purse, as well as collectors looking for certain types in the pre-owned designer handbags market, here are a few crucial things to look for when authenticating a Hermès handbag.

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