Ghibli Stores for Time Travel

Ghibli studios have been an integral part of our childhood, adorning our childhood with animes and movies that have remained with us even after so long time.  Whether it is about Mei and satsuki meeting the giant rabbit or the beautiful princess mononoke, these animes have always warmed our heart. They have made us laugh, cry and made our childhood a beautiful experience.

Catch the catchy merchandise

Ghibli studios have now brought back your childhood at your doorstep. But this time, it is in a way to make you love it and wear it at the same time. Yes, ghibli merchandise is available at the online platform bringing exclusive collection of apparels, accessories, figurines and other stuff. All these and much more are available at the ghibli online stores at much discounted prices. All the products are sure to remind you of your childhood and make you feel nostalgic about all those shoes that you have grown up on. The following are the major merchandise that are available in ghibli online stores-


  • Catchy clothing- You can avail cool and catchy ghibli clothing range at the store. These super fun t-shirts are available in all sizes and price range and come in various designs and graphics to add the fun element to your regular clothing. Whether it is for college, or a fun hangout or a movie date, these t-shirts are the preferred choice of most of the people, particularly youth. What more? The t-shirts are available in polo necks, V-neck, round neck and are available in various colors. Monochrome, graphics, and funky pictures and colors are the highlighting features of these t-shirts.
  • Accessories- What fun it is to wear an authentic ghibli merchandise without teaming it up with the right accessories. Well, we got you covered with the coolest and spunkiest of the accessories. At ghibli store, you can buy cute totoro slippers, totoro lamps and variety of other stuff.
  • Home décor- Ghibli store also offers you plushies and figurines to adorn your house. You can buy music box, toys, stuffed plush and plethora of other goodies for your home too.

Thus, Ghibli online store brings back your childhood in a jazzed up manner.


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